Recruiting care workers is not the problem its made out to be - podcast with Jael Alfonso

Do you resonate with this point that I made?

"There's over 160,000 vacancies up from about 120,000 vacancies. That sounds to me an impossible problem to solve. They talk also about poor pay, poor conditions. No career progression."


How can recruitment be "fun" and the Network Healthcare business has expanded when the Homecare Association and Care UK constantly tell the industry there is a massive problem with funding of care nationally?

Jael de-mistifies the local approach to attracting and retaining care assistants, support workers and live in carers in a 30 minute frank conversation about the community care sector, providers and recruitment strategies.

We unearth good people management approaches for the valuable staff care providers so desperately need and reframe the latest marketing spin of being 'carer centric' as an old and best practice style of employee engagement - nothing new!

In her analysis, Jael explores the personal values of carers, how this is essential when screening for talent, and the subtle differences between a domiciliary carer and a dedicated live in carer.

If you want to up your game in recruiting carers for your business to fill the gaps then the 3 point strategy, value driven approach of Network Healthcare, is a must listen to episode for in house recruiters and human resource leadership teams.

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Live-in Care is an alternative option to moving into residential care home. We provide fully trained carers to live alongside you in the comfort of your own home.  Here at Network Live in Care we require our carers to provide evidence of a minimum of two years’ experience within the care sector prior to recruitment . Your live-in carer will support you with your specific needs as agreed in your care plan to keep you comfortable and independent at home.