Chasing Care podcast - Fall back in love with your care business



Martyn helps Social Care business owners, managers and providers get their businesses BACK ON TRACK to a position of profitability quickly and efficiently Find out his key tips for taking action today to change the direction of your care service



Every penny helps, and profit can be reinvested back into the business to aid expansion or continuous improvement. However, many quick wins are overlooked, and longer term strategies are rarely in place to effect a consistent stream of new clients, and maximising current income.

He supports the owners, managers, senior staff to fall back in love with their business, and deliver a better business by:

1. Ensuring your business marketing processes are up to date and relevant

2. Identifying cost savings

3. Understanding your Key Numbers and what they are so paramount to your business success

4. Identifying those areas where income could be increased

5. Working with senior managers to become more effective business professionals

6. identifying your key numbers and implementing systematic review and improvement

Of course, this list is simply never going to include EVERYTHING. But it is a start!


Take a listen to understand how, as a business owner or as a member of the leadership team, you can make a positive impact on the bottom line and drive your homecare company, care home or nursing home on the road to higher profits...


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