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Chasing Care podcast with Denise Taylor - Find work at 50+


In this episode of the Chasing Care podcast we are talking to a Retirement, Career and Transition Coaching specialist Dr ⁠Denise Taylor⁠

It’s never too late for a career change.


If you’re yearning for a more rewarding job where you’re directly helping someone to get the most out of life, it may be time to consider a career in care. As a care worker or personal assistant, you’ll be helping people on an individual basis to live the lives they want – from the comfort of their own homes. As either a live-in carer or visiting carer, you could play a key part in their life, offering support and companionship and assisting with their independence.

For over 25 years Denise has been helping people create the career they love. Gaining a doctorate at 64, she is now also focusing on people who are in transition, including young people and especially with those considering retirement and life after full-time work. She is an award-winning careers coach, a Chartered Psychologist, and an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. Denise has written eight books, written for The Times, The Telegraph, The Guardian and many magazines, and was the careers expert on Radio 5.

We explore thoughts and challenges faced by the over 50 age worker and how to overcome them. Our conversation touches on opportunities in the homecare sector with an insight into the growing live in care sector through a real life experience of one of Denise's senior executive connections.

If you are 50+ and thinking about a feel good career change or in retirement and yearning for activity in your day, then this episode is worth a listen!

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